5-Minute Fixes: Take a Digital Inventory

February 20, 2020

Do you keep your life in motion with a system of digital products, services, and online accounts? Yeah, me too. Now think about how someone would navigate your digital world without you there to guide them. Is that enough to persuade you to take a digital inventory? I hope so! I'm even including a free digital template template to sweeten the deal. (See below.)

Five Minute Fix

5-minute Fix: Take an inventory of your digital assets, data, and devices.

Digital Assets

A digital asset inventory should include: 

  • Name of Site / Product / Service (WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, etc.)
  • Digital Asset Type (email, social medial, photo sharing, shopping, online storage, etc.) 
  • Where to Find / How to Access (site URL or storage location)
  • Estate Instructions (what should happen to the asset when you die)

Document Your Digital Estate: Create a digital inventory of your data, devices, and accounts with this free digital inventory template


Don’t forget about your devices! You might be surprised once you think about it how many electronic devices you have. Use a digital device inventory to track: 

  • Name or Type of Device (phone, computer, tablet, flash drive, etc.)
  • Brand 
  • Serial Number
  • Model Number
  • Where Purchased
  • Warranty End Date
  • Estate Instructions

TIP: If you ordered the device online, you can copy and paste most of this information right from your order confirmation email or your account’s order history page! 

Karen Purze
Extra Credit

Now that you know how many different digital accounts and devices you have, consider setting up a password manager. You can hear why I did and which one I chose in this article: Where Should I Store Passwords?

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