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A Little About Me...

The Life in Motion Guide project grew out of my own struggles to bring order to my parents’ affairs as they dealt with separate, concurrent medical crises. I needed to help my parents make difficult decisions about health, housing, finances, and everything else as they gradually lost their independence.

At the time, I had a hard time finding the supporting information to know what choices to make, and in many cases didn’t even know what questions to ask to understand the options.

Millions of Americans like me are providing unpaid care and support for family members — often in the form of getting papers and legal matters organized, managing medical events, or running multiple households. (Does this sound like you? If it does, let's stay in touch! Join my mailing list here.)

I know there is no way to fully be ready for a family emergency, crisis, or death. But there are some patterns we can learn from, and things we can all do now to better prepare. That's what I aim to share here, and what I'm "about" right now. 🙂

Karen Purze

Karen Purze
Creator, Life in Motion Guide

What I want for you

I want you to learn from what I share here, and then take action. That's it! Take one small step, tie up one loose end, have one critical conversation.

If you do one thing to make it easier for you — and those around you — to keep your life in motion in case of an emergency or a life changing event, I will consider this site a success.

Has something you read here had an impact on you? I'd love to share your story.