How Would You Fill in the Blanks?

If something happened to _______, my _______ would have no idea where to find everything.

Life in Motion is a guided workbook that helps you get your affairs in order. It has all the forms, checklists, and inventory sheets you need to quickly record your most important personal information. It's time to fill in the your family isn't left guessing!

Life in Motion  Takes the Guesswork
Out of Getting Your Affairs in Order

Are you wondering where to even start with "getting your affairs in order"? Start with Life in Motion. This guided workbook will walk you through an 8-step process, explaining it plain English. When finished, you'll have a personalized record to share with those you rely on in times of need...a priceless gift that will save them time and trouble.

Step 1: Document Your Emergency Plan

Step 2: Record medical and insurance information

Step 3: Store property, vehicle, and non-financial asset Info

Step 4: Document What You Have (and What You Owe)

Step 5: SHare How You'd Like to be Remembered 

Step 6: Explore End-of-Life Topics

Step 7: Understand the Estate Settlement Process

Step 8: Create a Document Inventory

The touch of humor helps when thinking about these matters.
You’ve added just the right amount.. It’s complete! All the info in one place in an organized manner.

Thanks so much for this. You’ve clearly put in lots of time, energy and thought into the creation of this fabulous tool! 

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