Life in Motion Guide


End of life planning, simplified

Leave a Legacy of Clarity...Not Chaos

Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start in getting your affairs in order. Life in Motion is an end of life planning workbook that walks you down the road to peace of mind in eight easy steps.

When finished, you'll have a reference guide to share with those you rely on in times of need...a priceless roadmap that will save them time and trouble.

Get Your Affairs in Order in Eight Simple Steps

1. Create an emergency plan

2. Record medical and insurance information

3. Organize property information

4. Document financial assets (and liabilities)

5. Express your final wishes

6. Explore end-of-life topics

7. Understand the estate settlement process

8. Log where to find important documents

Karen Purze


About Karen Purze

When my parents both got sick suddenly and simultaneously, I had to learn a lot in a big hurry. The first thing I learned is that we could have been better prepared! I usually describe the process of navigating all those decisions as "stupidly complicated"...and I want to make it easier for others. 

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