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Life in Motion Guide

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Life in Motion Guide Shows You How To...

Be Better Prepared

Save your family time and trouble by making critical decisions and organizing important information.

Handle an Emergency

Use quick lists to get up to speed on important tasks and terms so you can focus on people, not paperwork during a medical emergency.

Manage After a Death 

Describe how you want to be laid to rest and remembered. Educate yourself about the estate settlement process.


Life in Motion Guide Simplifies End of Life Planning

maggie bahler rizzio

I thought you would enjoy this story about the “Life in Motion” book I gave my dad. He has taken on filling out his book as one of his “weekly tasks” and he often gives me updates, i.e. “I’m about halfway through my dead book,” or “It’s raining today and I can’t play golf so I will work on my dead book.” 

First, I think it’s pretty funny that he calls it his “dead book.” And second, I’m glad he is so committed to filling it out!  He also mentioned it’s “very detailed” so I wanted to commend you on doing such a great job creating it. The Life in Motion Guide is an indispensable resource.

maggie B.

bought for: her father

Beth Suereth

Bought this for my best friend, whose mom just passed away. I wasn't sure if it was too soon to give it to her, but she was very happy to have it as she heads down the path of helping her father manage his serious health conditions and end of life.

I recommend it for anyone, even those who prefer to manage life online...having everything accessible in one place where you can easily flip from one place to another and even rearrange pages or sections is invaluable.

beth s

bought for: best friend

Kam Flynn

This is a comprehensive resource for those who want to get their affairs in order. We use it for our Palliative Care patients. It would also be an excellent tool for any group who wants to gather around this common purpose.

kathleen F.

bought for: her clients

This is just what we needed to lend some organization to our efforts to document everything needed if we both “disappeared” at the same time. Although Covid-19 prompted our efforts in this regard, we have always known we should be working on this since we have no family nearby and we travel together all the time. The binder is a good quality product, providing the support we needed.

Sue M.

Bought for: herself

About the Author


I'm  Karen.

When my parents both got sick suddenly and simultaneously, I helped them make difficult choices about health, housing, finances, and everything else as they gradually lost their independence. 

I usually describe the process of navigating all those decisions as "stupidly complicated"...and I want to make it easier for others. 

When my father was terminally ill I felt like all we were doing was paperwork. Weeks and weeks of tedious tasks took up our time together. I will never forget the smile on my dad’s face the day I visited and didn’t have a list of tasks to plow through, calls to make, or information to dig up. 

Life in Motion guides you through the process of getting your affairs in order with simple checklists, forms, and inventories. I created it so you could feel the same sense of confidence and relief that we did once it’s done.

When your workbook is completed:

  • You’ll have your medical, financial, and property information in one easily accessible place;
  • You'll have a reference to share where important documents are stored, and 
  • You'll be able to communicate your final wishes with those you rely on to carry them out.

Most importantly, no one will have to guess or decipher it all on their own at the worst possible moment. You'll be able to focus on what matters most at the end: people, not paperwork.

If you want to avoid the stress of a late-life scavenger hunt, consider buying a Life in Motion Guide. (Learn more in the Shop.)

About Karen Purze
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