Don't Leave Your Family Guessing

Life in Motion is a guided workbook that helps you get your affairs in order. 

When finished, you'll have a personal record to share with those you rely on in times of need...a priceless gift that will save them time and trouble.

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Binding: Premium Hardcover Ring Binder
Tabs: 8 Custom-Printed Dividers
Number of Pages: 88

Language: English
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 x 1.25 inches

Feel confident and relieved knowing there will be no guessing or scrambling in case of emergency


Life in Motion Takes the Guesswork Out of Getting Your Affairs in Order

Life in Motion includes over 50 checklists, forms, and inventories across eight sections:


Emergency plan


What needs to happen (and who can help) if there’s an emergency? Life in Motion guides you through the process of creating a medical emergency plan in the first section of the workbook.


Health & Insurance


Life in Motion walks you through the creation of a personal health record, and provides an introduction to medical directives. Complete this section and marvel at how much easier it is to communicate with medical professionals and others who help you manage your health.


property & assets


Even if you live alone, rent your apartment, and think your life is not complicated, you likely have more than a handful of household accounts. If someone needed to help—for whatever reason—they’d need a way to understand how you keep it all together. The forms and templates in this section help you get all the information in one place.




Life in Motion helps you get your financial affairs in order. You might be surprised how many different accounts you’ve accumulated over the years. Use this section to compile a complete picture of your financial obligations, sources of income, and other financial assets.


final wishes


Do you have any preferences for how you’d like to be laid to rest? How would you like to be remembered? Your relatives may agonize (or argue) over the many choices that must be made quickly when you pass away. Fill out this section and make it easier for them to take action during a difficult time. Better yet, use it as a conversation starter, and do it with them!




This section is useful if you are anticipating death — whether due to age or illness. It provides an introduction to palliative and hospice care, and helps you and your loved ones understand the practical aspects of preparing for death.




This section is for your executor or trustee. The information in this book is the ultimate gift to help them close out your estate much more quickly than if they have to start “from scratch” to gather the details. This section explains the estate settlement process, and lets them know what to do (and in what order.)




The Inventory section gives you a place to identify important legal and personal documents that may be stored elsewhere (or which may need to be requested through issuing authorities if you don’t have them on hand.)



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Instant Access to over 50 editable forms, checklists, and inventories

Life in Motion eBook

(Editable PDF file)

Leah M.


Life in Motion helped me realize that while we have wills and power of attorney for health care documents, we didn't have power of attorney for other affairs. The book provided a needed kick in the pants to take care of that, and I have begun the process.

Kathy K.

Family Caregiving Consultant

Thanks so much for this. You've clearly put in lots of time, energy, and thought into the creation of this fabulous tool!

Thorsten B.

3D Visualization Expert

I like how comprehensive it is. I never had to go thru this (but likely will). There were a lot of parts that seemed obvious, but I had never thought about them!

Karen Purze

Karen Purze


Life in Motion Guide

Life in Motion Guide grew out of my own struggles to bring order to my parents’ affairs as they dealt with separate, concurrent medical crises. I needed to help my parents make difficult decisions about health, housing, finances, and everything else as they gradually lost their independence.

I knew why I needed to get their personal information in order, but I kept stumbling over forgotten details. I didn't realize until I was finished how much "mental traffic" all this unmanaged information was causing. 

I created this book to make it easier for you to get your affairs in order, so you can spend less time scrambling and more time with your family — as a family. 

Use Life in Motion to create a personal record to share with those you rely on in times of need...a priceless gift that will save them time and trouble.

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