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Halfway to Glory

This week we review where we’ve been, where we’re going, and what to do if you haven’t found the time to start the tasks in the first half of the Peace of Mind Plan.

Week 1

In our first week together, we learned about the most important steps you can take to prepare for an emergency. Heavy stuff. (Many of you have told me it was overwhelming to start with such a big topic.)

Week 2

In week two's plan, we acknowledged it’s not so simple to decide who should make decisions for us when we can’t. We talked about how to choose the right people to represent us and how to ask them to take on the responsibility.  

Week 3

In the Preparing our People lesson, we covered what specific information we need to share with our medical and financial decision makers in order for them to be effective in their roles. 

Week 4

Our Proof lesson was hopefully a little “lighter”. We talked about the specific documents your decision makers may need in order to represent you and access services on your behalf. 

Week 5

Then last week, in the Property plan, we went over how to gather, review, and share specific and comprehensive information about the property you own. 

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